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POWER B MONO Gisela Mayer Hair wig

€ 438,00 € 349,00

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Workmanship: front monofilament - back weaving

Synthetic hair

CE certified device deductible

The model in the photo wears the color 15/25/30 + 8


Hair type: Synthetic

Cut: Long

Style: Straight

Manufacture type : Monofilament / Wefted

care and

To preserve the bright, soft and natural appearance of your wig we suggest you to follow the instructions below concerning care and maintenance. Wig has to be washed around every one or two weeks, if you often use it. If your wig has a medium/long cut we suggest you to employ a conditioner. In the "Accessories"  section you can find specific products for washing, care and maintenance of your wig.

Proceed with washing as follows:
> Before you wash the wig, brush it with a large-tooth comb with gentleness.
> Wet the wig delicately with TEPID water, fixing it to a polystyrene head or holding it with a hand within the cap, using a shower head if available (Photo A - Washing).
> Apply a neutral shampoo and brush delicately, WITHOUT TANGLE THE HAIR.  
> After that rinse the wig well with TEPID water without wring out, continuing brush it with a large-tooth comb.
> Repeat washing and rinsing a second time proceeding as above described.
To keep the wig bright and soft we suggest you to apply a gentle hair conditioner for treated hair on the lengths, continuing brush hair delicately (you find it on our website at the section "Accessories").
> Let the conditioner act for 5/6 minutes.
> After that rinse the wig well with TEPID water without wring out, continuing brush the wig.
> Wrap it gently in a soft towel to remove water in excess without rub.
> Concerning wig's drying you can proceed in two ways: let the wig dry at the air at room-temperature leaning it on a holder that can be disassembled ( Photo B - Drying on holder) or on a polystyrene head (you find them on our website at the section "Accessories"), or you can dry it with hair-drier giving to the wig the desired style (Photo C - Styling with hair dryer). 

DON'T use the hair-drier with the maximum temperature and DON'T keep it too close to the internal cap because you risk to sear it and avoid compromising the gloss and the softness of the hair. We advice you against using hair straightener, curling irons, hot rollers or any other instrument which use heat as elevated temperature risks to compromise hair quality. If you use rollers you can employ hood dryer with medium temperature. 
Brush the wig with a large-tooth comb always with maximum gentleness, to avoid to slacken hair knot. You can use hair products in minimum quantity. In any case we advice against applying hair spray or hair mousse or other products that contain gas, alcohol or other aggressive ingredients. DON'T sleep wearing the wig: we suggest you to use instead seamless cap or turban to have maximum comfort and protect your head from cold (you can find them in the section "Headwear" in our website).

to wear

It is really easy!

The quality of the product and the construction study of each wig permit to wear it quickly with simple gestures. First time that you wear a wig, it may seem a little bit strange, as it happens furthermore for every new product or every new experience a person try, but it is enough to remember a couple of gestures and tricks and everything will become soon natural and familiar!
> See that the back side is in front of your eyes.
> Hold the wig and, taking it by the two sideburns, put it on as a hat keeping the front side very low near to the eyebrows and then raise it little by little as you finish to wear it. The wig will be accurately positioned if there are about 7/8 cm between the eyebrows and the beginning of the cap.
> Turn up the nape side slightly so that all locks left under the cap can come out.
> Check that the two sideburns are at the same height and that ears are not covered under the cap of your wig.
> Check that sideburns are inwards-facing.

Here is some trick to avoid the "wig" effect and have the maximum naturalness:
- do not keep wig front side too much low because it hides your forehead
- adjust sideburns' height if you see that one is higher than the other
- leave some hair locks on the forehead
- if your wig has fringe, avoid to open it in half as a "curtain" and avoid to keep all locks behind the ears
- leave some hair locks at sideburns' height in front to the ears in order to give more naturalness